Monday, 9 February 2015


Happy Merlot Monday everyone! We can just make up holidays, right?
Happy Merlot to me
Anyway, today I thought I would write about teamwork. Today I experienced teamwork at least three times, and I guess I'm still riding on the coattails of Thursday's theme of partnerships.

The biggest teamworky thing that happened today was a meeting with the parents of one of my hub students. I won't go into details of what the meeting was about or why we were meeting, in the interest of privacy, but I really felt like we were part of a team working together for the best interests of this student. The parents were really keen to establish some processes for communication, but to begin with it felt like they were looking to me for all the answers. I think they expected that I would have everything all worked out and ready for them to just accept or deal with as best they could. When I asked for their opinions and their thoughts, mainly because I don't really know what I'm doing (but they don't know that!), they seemed quite surprised. I was surprised at their surprise! After all, they are the parents, and they know much more about their child than I will ever know. It really felt like a spirit of collaboration in the room, where the student, the parents and I were all suggesting and judging ideas. Together we came up with some good stuff that everyone happily agreed upon. I think we really are a team now, together more able to help the student deal with their challenges. It felt good, and it felt right for the school. I hope I can entice other parents to come along to school with the promise of coffee and biscuits.

The second teamworkly thing from today was Liz and I sorting out what we will do on our first day of our module. A minor enough thing perhaps, but this will be my first 'real' class at HPSS, and planning it out feels like quite the milestone. I love what we came up with, and I think it will be an absolutely fantastic introductory lesson. Biology is not my forte, despite my medical school history, so starting with a biology themed term is a challenge for me (on top of all the other challenges!) but I am confident in our ideas, excited by the possibilities for project based learning in science, and enthused by the ideas that Liz and I have come up with. It's a good thing I am writing this blog, because I think I will need to tap into this wellspring of enthusiasm and energy when the semester is half done! I know that it probably won't all go according to plan, but I just hope it all goes right. 

Finally, the last teamworkish thing that happened was delicious. Amber makes the cupcakes, and I clean up after her!
Shame there isn't enough for all of you. I guess the only fair thing to do is eat them all myself.

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