Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Notes concerning open enquiry from the Physics Teacher's Day 2014

Physics teacher day
These are rough notes taken during the presentations and workshops. Hopefully I will be able to clean them up later

Keynote presentation - Dr Manju Sharma
Part 1 - Veritasium
Specialized pedagogy - physics is special

Veritasium video - explicit addressing of misconceptions important otherwise students think they are being told what they already 'know'

Ian's contribution - concept cartoons good for misconceptions

Videos also good for POE model


Part 2 - Simon Crook

In 2009 in Australia, half students got laptops and half did not. Check results of both groups

After multiple regression, effect size (Hattie) of 0.38 is large

Physics teacher a using more simulations, spreadsheets and 'science software'

Part 3

Handy model for evaluating the 'level of inquiry' based on some criteria

Fenella Colyer's presentation

Workshop with Manju Sharma

Urgency to move towards inquiry - making the certain tentative (?)

Example of inquiry

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