Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Notes from the disappointing 2.5/3.5 workshop during the Physics Teacher's Day

2.5/3.5 project based assessment

Marking time

Why do we do the test approach?
Very little available for resources - how do we know that the research task is to the requirements of the standard?
Marking language is difficult and tedious.
Favorable feedback from moderators.
Possible to do research with a test at the end of it.
ESOL students find research very difficult.

Does a test give the best possible opportunity to be fairly assessed?
 -test marks on par with national stats
 -easy to mark merit vs excellence
 -NZIP moderated, ready to go

How can we go about a research assessment?
 -marking schedule directly from TKI
 -use google docs to provide feedback during research, make sure students are doing the right things, instant private and personalized feedback, improves authenticity

From the mouth of Dave Thrasher
 -2.5 in yr 11, 3.5 in yr 12 (level 1 physics class)
 -still defaulting to the test

How do we find time to do 2.5/3.5?
 -take out 2.1/3.1
 -drop waves
 -after school tutorials

Consensus seems to be test is better

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